I can't get the verification email.

Currently we have a problem with lysn.com domain. When it sends activation number, it is recognized as a spam mail, so the activation email cannot be sending out. 
Some domains including Office365, Hotmail, icloud and Nate have problems with activation email for Lysn subscription as well as verification email for password loss or change.
In this case, you have to sign up again after withdrawal, and we recommend you to use another email address for rejoining.
* Right Top Cog - View all outrig settings - Junk mail -  Add lysn.com to Sender and Domain, Allow Receiving
In addition, as each domain can recognize Lesson Mail as spam, please check your spam box as well. 

Lysn's authentication mail is not sent immediately; it requires a certain amount of time. 
And after a period of time, you can get the authentication mail again by clicking the Lysn third tab 'More-Privacy settings-Lysn Account-Receive verification call'. 
In addition, such authentication is only for use in the event of password loss and change, and is independent of the purchase and conversion of ACE membership code. 
You can be ACE membership and pre-booked for concerts without mail authentication, so please refer it.