I can't open the picture or video from the artist. (I can't save the picture)

If you cannot view a photo an artist has sent you, or if a video does not play, please refer to the following below.

1) (iOS) Please check that you have allowed the Lysn app to have access to your photos. If the app does not have access to your photos, the problem above may occur.
※ Device settings > Lysn > Photos > Allow Photos Access > Select “Selected Photos” or “All Photos”

2) (Android) Please try again after clearing the cache under the settings of your device. (However, please understand that you may have to re-download all previously downloaded content)
※ Device settings > Application information > Lysn app > Delete storage/cache

3) Please load previous chat history within the chat room.
※ Where to find Load Previous Chat History: The bubble chat room of the artist from who you receive messages > Chat room settings > Load previous chat history

4) Check if the Lysn app is the latest version. If it is not, please update the app. 
You may also try terminating and restarting the app.

If the problem occurs even after checking the solutions above,
please send the artist information for which the error occurred, the time of error, your Lysn account, device model, and OS information to help@lysn.com. We will review the information and provide you with help.