How do I write a reply? (Guidelines for Writing Replies)

[Guide on Writing Replies]
- You can reply three times to an artist's message.
- As the subscription period gets longer, the character count for a reply will be added.
- Even if you cancel your reply, this will still count as one message. 
- You can send another 3 replies 7 days after the artist has sent the last message.

※ If you cannot send a reply, please relaunch the app and try again.

[Prohibited Content When Writing Replies]
The following are prohibited when using the reply function. 
- Obscene symbols/language
- Information that defames the artist or a 3rd party
- Symbols/language that cause fear or anxiety
- Information that corresponds to gamble business prohibited in accordance with the law
- Information that teaches or abets for the purpose of crime
- Other information that is prohibited in accordance with the law

If you are in violation of the above, you may receive sanctions in accordance with the terms of service use and be penalized in accordance with relevant laws. Additionally, if a suit is filed by an artist or the artist's representative, the company may provide your information to the relevant institution in accordance with the law.
(Terms of Service Use: MORE > Setting > Terms of Service Use)