When I write a reply, does it get sent to the artist?

Replies that are sent will be stored in the artist's reply inbox, and the artist will check the replies at their discretion. 

At this point, messages that include prohibited content will be filtered and will not be sent to the artist's reply inbox.
Moreover, messages that have been reported or filed in a suit by the artist or the artist's representative will be immediately deleted from the reply inbox.

Account information (Lysn account, mobile phone number, etc.) of messages that were automatically filtered or deleted will be managed separately, and messages that are sent from this account will not be sent to the artist. (No Separate Notice to User)
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Users who send a reply that contains prohibited information may receive sanctions in accordance with the terms of service use or be penalized in accordance with relevant laws. Additionally, if a suit is filed by an artist or the artist's representative, the company may provide your information to the relevant institution in accordance with the law. 
(Terms of Service Use: MORE > Setting > Terms of Service Use)