I logged-out but I was withdrawn!

Including Lysn, messenger services providing live chat service typically do not provide log out function. If you need to sign in with another account, you have to uninstall and reinstall the App.
Currently, 'unregisteration' is often mistaken for 'log-out'. But unfortunately, account recovery is not possible. 

If you press 'leave the fan club' and enter a password, ACE members will switch to a BASIC member.
If you click to leave the BASIC member, you will be completely removed from the fan club. Also you can't be able to re-join for 180 days from the date of withdrawal.
However, if you click 'leave the fan club' and click on the community again within 24 hours, you can re-enroll as a member of the BASIC member only.

If you click 'Unregister' in the Lysn app, the account will be deleted and all fan club subscriptions will be deleted. So please think carefully before you press to unregister."