I'd like to get a refund on ACE member code.

'Lysn Mobile App. - Community - Setup - Leave the community' is the process of withdrawal.
Click 'Leave the community' and request cancellation of purchase to YES24 Customer Center and the refund request will be completed.
(Cancel and refund processing via YES24 takes at least 3 days and up to 7 days.)

If you leave the community first, you will not be able to re-join for 180 days from the date of withdrawal.
If you click "Leave the community" in the community and want to cancel the withdrawal, you can cancel it by clicking community within 24 hours.
(You can only return as a BASIC member.)

Also, if you are a pre-order ticketing member of fanclub members, you cannot get a refund.
Depending on the subscription period, a penalty payment can occur.
Please ask to "Contact Us" in Lysn or check YES24 Customer Center for refund availablity before proceeding withdrawal procedure.