Does it matter if the name of the fan lub and the name of the YES24 subscriber is different?

When you check the fan club recruitment notice,

01. A member can join any of each artist’s official fanclub in Lysn,
ACE membership code has to be purchased and registered for each fan club separately through YES24.

02. Lysn and YES24 registration must be done with the real name of the member who will be actually participating in the fanclub activity.

03. For fanclub activity, both mobile card and physical card (only for ACE members) are usable.
However, when fanclub benefits are provided, verification of member’s ID card is performed, and benefits are available only when the names on ID card and fanclub membership card are matching. 
(In case of foreigner, it has to match with the name on the passport.)

04. Fanclub benefits are provided for 1 year, which is the period of activity, 
Other people (family, friends, etc.) cannot receive benefits instead of the member.
Also, you cannot sell or yield membership on other person. 
If caught, such action will result in disqualification of membership.

05. A fanclub member can receive the benefits only when entered correct information. 
If the information is wrong or not entered, there might be limitations to fanclub activity.

Therefore, you must purchase ACE membership code after signing up with Lysn and YES24 under the real name of the subscriber who will actually be participated in the fanclub.